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Dimension parameter/ x x mm
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SL045004PPNCF3026V SL183026
SL045005PPNCF2226V SL182226
SL045006PPNCF2928V SL182928
SL045007PPNCF3028V SL183028
SL045008PPNCF2228V SL182228
SL045009PPNCF2930V SL182930
SL045010PPNCF3030V SL183030
SL045011PPNCF2230V SL182230
SL045012PPNCF2932V SL182932
SL045013PPNCF3032V SL183032
SL045014PPNCF2232V SL182232
SL045015PPNCF2934V SL182934
SL045016PPNCF3034V SL183034
SL045017PPNCF2234V SL182234
SL045018PPNCF2936V SL182936
SL045019PPNCF3036V SL183036
SL045020PPNCF2236V SL182236
SL045022PPNCF2938V SL182938
SL045024PPNCF3038V SL183038
SL045026PPNCF2238V SL182238
SL045028PPNCF1840V SL181840
SL045030PPNCF2940V SL182940
SL045032PPNCF3040V SL183040
SL045034PPNCF2240V SL182240
SL045036PPNCF1844V SL181844
SL045038PPNCF2944V SL182944
SL045040PPNCF3044V SL183044
SL045044PPNCF1848V SL181848
SL045048PPNCF2948V SL182948
SL045052PPNCF3048V SL183048
SL045056PPNCF1852V SL181852

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